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Galvanised metal Tub

Our company specialises in manufacturing and wholesale distribution of Galvanized Metal Round Tubs and  Zinc Oval Tubs. Oval Baths have a round shape and molded riveted handles providing comfort while carrying heavy solid and liquid stuff. The articles are multi-functional and can be used not only in bath-houses to cool drinks or for decorative purposes but also, if necessary, to wash, carry and store liquids and other products. The advantages of Galvanized Metal Tub Planters are quite numerous, but it is tough and durable sheet iron that makes these items so special. The tubs easily withstand extreme conditions, damp areas and heat without detriment to the quality of the product. After using the tub needs to be washed and dried well to prove long-lasting performance.

Our products are sure to complement your set of bath-house and sauna accessories. They will also add a finishing touch to your bath interior. The products are made from heavy duty steel and have long-lasting performance.

Galvanized Metal Tub produced from 0,50-0,55-mm-thick steel is universally used. These Trough Planters made from durable steel are both functional and fashionable with a vintage classic look. They are designed for a wide range of domestic needs. These household essentials with a galvanized coating have extra protection against corrosion and increased durability.

The shell binding and the bottom seaming are fully automatic, 3-4 metal layers are formed in the seam area (depending on the product), which increases its strength and sealing capacity. This process is called rolling. Our products are constantly upgraded and undergo obligatory testing by qualified professionals.

We have established ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers. We are willing to cooperate and ready to offer a variety of conditions, favorable wholesale prices and timely delivery guarantees.

Payment. Apromera produces a non-cash payment invoice as soon as the contract is concluded and signed.
Delivery. The delivery is negotiated with each client individually and noted in the contract.
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