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Galvanized Drink Tub - 13 Liters

Galvanized Drink Tub – 13 Liters

by manufacturer Apromera
FCA Ukraine (Excluding VAT) £2.00

Min. Order Quantity:   100 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:   30000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Product Name: Galvanized Round Wash Tub
Capacity: 13 Litres (3 Gallons)
Height: 15cm
Diameter at top: Ø 39cm
Diameter bottom: Ø 32cm
Approx. Net Weight: 1.000g
Material: Galvanized steel 0.5 mm. ArcelorMittal (Steel Grade DX51 + Zn120).
Packing Quantity: 10 pcs
Color: Silver (Galvanised Silver Zinc)
Long Lasting
Heavy Duty
Rust Free
1 Palette - 300 pcs
Delivery Detail: 25 days


Our competitive (technological) advantages
Galvanized Round Drink Tub –  13 Liters / Production

Reliability and quality of production (tested by the time)
We produce Galvanized Round Drink Tub of steel with a thickness of 0.45 mm. -0.50 mm. Such production is considered to be a standard quality. It is more resistant to deformation and outside influences.

Handles type №1. The handles of the Galvanized Round Drink Tub is made of 0.55 – 0.55 mm steel. This increases the lifetime of products and their capacity.
Handles type №2. In the production of galvanized round tubs we use the handle of galvanized wire Ø 5 – 6mm.

We have abandoned the method of welding the handles with the casing. For connection of the handles with the casing we use galvanized rivets with a diameter of 5.00 mm which provides a considerable strength and lack of rust in the joints.

The most important thing. By assembly of the buckets we do not use welding (we have abandoned it), and specifically: seaming the casing and calendering the bottom of the buckets are made on the seaming machines (at the seaming spot 3-4 metal layers are made up, depending on the product type), which increases the strength and leakage protection of the articles. This process is called rolling.

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Producers usually use welding joints which are less strong and prone to oxidation. Such buckets develop leakage very soon (This has been checked by test control).