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Galvanized Metal Buckets

Galvanized Metal Bucket is essential equipment for any gardener. It is helpful when it is necessary to water plants, carry fertilizers and liquid across vegetable plots, it is used to collect fruits and vegetables.


Galvanised Zinc Buckets presented in our catalog are sold only Wholesale. The  company is not engaged in retail trade and small wholesale trade. Our Galvanized Buckets are popular among gardeners in London and are widely used for watering and fertilizing plants in the garden, for carrying various compounds and loads. We equally offer Colored Galvanised Zinc Pails and flower pots used in households, in construction and maintenance and for the creation of individual design and decorations. For convenience we recommend to have Steel Flower Buckets and Steel Pails of various capacity ( 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 25, 32 L). Сontacts / Telephone: +44 20 3287 7544  

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Zinc Bucket is delivered anywhere on request. We guarantee fast delivery from the factory in Ukraine or the wholesale warehouse in London, UK to any country in Europe. The company specializes in Wholesale trade of Galvanized Metal Buckets with Lids in such countries as Britain, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden.

For preliminary calculation of the delivery cost and customs clearance, all transport fees and export customs clearance included, please, send an email ( with all your questions. To make a wholesale order use one of the following options:

How to Choose Galvanized Metal Buckets?

To find out more information about the products, read or write reviews about the goods offered and see wholesale prices, please, visit a product page. To buy Galvanized Metal Buckets Wholesale or Galvanised Metal Pots, Zinc Tubs, you can use a special form of an online store, or make a free call +442032898548.