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Twist-Off Lid (Honey Jar Screw Top Caps) – 66mm

Twist-Off Lid (Honey Jar Screw Top Caps) – 66mm

by manufacturer Apromera
Twist-off TO 66 lids for jars with 66mm opening. Round screw lids are ideal as a closure for your honey jars or jam jars. Decorated with "" bee "" motif. Attractive "honey" design (thematic drawing applied by lithography). Packed / Sold by 10 and 20 units.

Important! Speaking about the quality of the lid, we would like to note that our company takes the quality of its products very seriously. We produce Twist-off lids for both industrial plants and home canning. In order to obtain a high quality cover, we purchase high-quality raw materials, use the most modern equipment and rely on the experience and knowledge of our specialists. We keep up with the times in order to offer you a quality product.
UK, London. (Excluding VAT / 1000 pcs.) £32.00
FCA Ukraine (Excluding VAT / 1000 pcs.) £30.00

Min. Order Quantity:   1000 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:   2000000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Lids type: Screw Twist-Off - 66-Ø "HONEY".
Twist-Off lid name: - "HONEY"
Material: tin plate - 0.18 mm. - 0.20 (at the request of the customer)
Composition: food tin covered with food varnish without full color lithography.
Article: TO-66HON
Packing: 20 pcs (240 pcs in a block)
Packing size: 7cm × 7cm × 15cm
Lid size: Height - 11 mm. Outside diameter - 69 mm.
Neck diameter -66mm. Compatible with 66mm neck bottles and jars
Cap weight: 11 grams
Certificate: Product approved for food contact.
Available in 10 designs. (at the request of the customer we can make an individual design, company logo)
The shipment is made from the company's plant warehouse


– covered with food enamels;
– six constructive folds for a snug fit to the can;
– thermally resistant – withstands sterilization and pasteurization;
– resistant to aggressive environments;
– resistant to mechanical damage;
– suitable for long-term storage of honey;
– high quality materials;
– reusable use;
– attractive “honey” design (thematic drawing applied by lithography).

Advice! How can you check the twist-off  lid for reliability. Collect plain water in a jar, tighten the lid and turn it over, if the water does not flow out, then you can safely go over to conservation. When screwing on the Euro Twist lid, do not make any efforts and overtighten the lid, otherwise you will rip off the thread and the lid will become unsuitable for preservation. The lacquer coating on the inner and outer surfaces of the lids must be uniform, continuous, smooth, free of cracks and bubbles. On the inner surface of the Twist-off  lids, through scratches and damage to the varnish are not allowed.