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Galvanized Ice Bucket

The factory offers you a wide range of galvanised containers intended for cooling beverages. Ice Buckets make the essential accessory in bars and restaurants, they are ideal for everyone who likes to party in or out. These items are very popular in Britain (UK). You can buy Coloured Ice Buckets made from high quality galvanised steel of 0,35 – 0,55mm.thickness. We equally offer containers for cooling drinks available in various sizes and configuration: coloured, oval, round, large and small, with handles to provide comfort while carrying etc.

Ice Buckets are intended for cooling beverage bottles. You can not imagine a fab party without them. Drinks require specific temperature, namely, champagne, to deliver all the flavor and taste nuances. Ice is often required at a party. Make your preparations beforehand and put the ice in this stylish bucket. You will be able to use it for cooling drinks during the night.

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