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Galvanized Trough Planters

Galvanised Water Trough Planter is a practical, affordable and effective solution for decorating almost any site in the garden. In our factory we can offer you a special service and give the container a coat of any colour you wish. Coloured Metal Trough Planter available in bright colors will give character to your summer terrace and will be an integrating feature in the interior and exterior country house design.

The model has a glossy texture. It comes in seven colours: five bright and rich colors to make accents and a classic combination of black and white.

This item is versatile in use and is literally necessary everywhere, both as a household and agriculture essential. But it is much more than that! This stylish article is ideal for decorating balconies and terraces, it can equally be used for interior and exterior design. To put it in simple words, it is a very handy thing.

Moreover, it is processed with a sealing compound, which almost completely eliminates its leakage. The Planter is quite durable as it is made from galvanized steel of 0,50mm.

Galvanised Water Trough Planter in the Interior.
For the container to become part of the interior follow these simple rules:
• Its colour should match other accessories;
• size and shape should agree with the interior style;
• same kind of plants will look good in coloured containers; the colors should match, and the shape of all the containers should be uniform.

Using these guidelines you will be able to turn indoor plants into a stylish interior accent. This will be a finishing touch to provide for the harmony of the room.

Matching Plants
When choosing plants of bright colours you should keep the following in mind.
The colour of a plant should be brighter than the colours of its container.
That is, the flowers of a flowering plant should be brighter than the container colour.
Ornamental plant leaves should be of a brighter colour than the colors of the pot.

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