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Coloured Compost Bucket with lid

Coloured Compost Bucket with lid

by manufacturer Apromera
Coloured Compost Bucket with lid - 32 Liters. Metal Kitchen Compost Caddy (Orange colour) & Composting guide - Composting Bin for Food Waste Recycling. A stylish kitchen Compost Bucket, made from durable galvanised steel. Composting is good for gardening and for the planet. Practical and affordable way to store kitchen ascraps nd garden scraps. This galvanized steel Bucket is not only practical and affordable, it also lends a rustic touch to both farmhouse-style and modern kitchens. Compost Metal Bucket it's easy to keep clean! This Compost Metal Bucket provides an attractive solution to store your kitchen waste in before you compost! Convenient to carry, there are two metal handles.
FCA Ukraine £8.74
FCA Lithuania (EU) £9.68

Min. Order Quantity:   150 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:   40000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Capacity: 32 Litres (8 Gallons)
Height: 33cm
Diameter at top: Ø 38cm
Diameter bottom: Ø 32cm
Approx. Net Weight: 2.290g
Material: Galvanized steel 0.5 mm. ArcelorMittal (Steel Grade DX51 + Zn120).
Packaging Details: 6 pcs/ctn.
1 Palette - 150 pcs
Delivery Detail: 25 days
Galvanised Silver Zinc
Seamed Sides
Two handles with rivets
Long Lasting
Heavy Duty
Rust Free


Coloured Compost Bucket with lid 32 Liters Production
Reliability and quality of production (tested by the time)
We produce Coloured Compost Bucket  of steel with a thickness of 0.45 to 0.50 mm. Such production is considered to be a standard quality. It is more resistant to deformation and outside influences.

The handles  of the Coloured Compost Bucket  is made of 0.50 mm steel. This increases the lifetime of products and their capacity.

We have abandoned the method of welding the handles  with the casing. For connection of the handles  with the casing we use galvanized rivets with a diameter of 5.00 mm which provides a considerable strength and lack of rust in the joints.

The most important thing. By assembly of the pots we do not use welding (we have abandoned it), and specifically: seaming the casing and calendering the bottom of the buckets are made on the seaming machines (at the seaming spot 3-4 metal layers are made up, depending on the product type), which increases the strength and leakage protection of the articles. This process is called rolling.

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Coloured Compost Bucket are commonly used in gardens as well as in manufacturing settings because the metal used to make such pots is resistant to corrosion from moisture and exposure to the elements. Galvanised Metal already somewhat resistant to corrosion. Producers usually use welding joints which are less strong and prone to oxidation. Such pots develop leakage very soon (This has been checked by test control).