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Galvanised Coal Bucket

Galvanised Coal Bucket

by manufacturer Apromera
Coal Buckets made from Galvanized steel 0.45 mm. Available in Black, Black & Brass or Galvanised. Coal Buckets are the perfect fireside companion for keeping a small amount of fuel handy for refuelling your fire. With its rustic looks and slightly rough finish, there's plenty of room for coal in this stylish fireside accessory. Designed to fit neatly by any fireplace, it makes the perfect fireside storage item and its handles make it a doddle to carry coal as well as being a decorative addition to your fireplace, the handles on them allow easy refuelling without the dirt and mess associated with reloading a working fire.
FCA Ukraine (Excluding VAT) £2.89
Price in UK, London (VAT included) £3.76

Min. Order Quantity:   700 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:   400000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Capacity: 12 Litres (3,2 Gallons)
Height: 27cm
Diameter at top: Ø 29cm
Diameter bottom: Ø 19cm
Approx. Net Weight: 998g
Material: Galvanized steel 0.45 mm. ArcelorMittal (Steel Grade DX51 + Zn120).
Available in Black, Black & Brass or Galvanised
Seamed Sides
Carry Handle Ø 5mm
Long Lasting
Rust Free
Packaging Details: 10 pcs/ctn.
1 Palette - 700 pcs
Delivery Detail: 10 - 20 days


Production Galvanised Coal Bucket – 12 Liters.

Reliability and quality of production (tested by the time). Apromera only delivers services or products conforming to our strict quality standards. Quality is essential for gaining our customers’ trust in the long term.

Our factory produces Galvanized Coal Bucket of steel with a thickness of 0.35 to 0.55 mm.

High quality of handles
The diameter of handles (for 5, 7, 10, 12, 15L buckets) is 5.0mm. They are made of galvanized steel. Our handles are more comfortable because thicker handles do not cut hands. Additionally, we can install a plastic handle.

The lug of the Galvanized Coal Bucket is made of 0.45 – 0.50 mm steel. This increases the lifetime of products and their capacity.

Important! Our advantage
In the manufacture and assembly of the buckets we do not use welding and soldering, which lead to oxidation of the surface. All the joints are made with the help of seaming as well as using galvanized rivets, which further increases the strength of the products.

We have abandoned the method of welding the lugs with the casing. For connection of the lugs with the casing we use galvanized rivets with a diameter of 5.00 mm which provides a considerable strength and lack of rust in the joints.

Rolling – reliable technology
By assembly of the buckets we do not use welding (we have abandoned it), and specifically: seaming the casing and calendering the bottom of the buckets are made on the seaming machines (at the seaming spot 3-4 metal layers are made up, depending on the product type), which increases the strength and leakage protection of the articles. This process is called rolling.

Such buckets develop leakage very soon (This has been checked by test control). Producers usually use welding joints which are less strong and prone to oxidation.

Additional colors for steel Buckets available upon request.